reciprocal reading

I am learning about reciprocal reading.
I have learned reciprocal reading involves students being the leaders.
Everyone is expected to read and everyone takes turns of being a leader.
I enjoy reciprocal reading because I like that everyone gets a turn at being the leader.

my student led conference

 My student led conference was good because my mum and dad  liked to listen to what we were learning about and they were very interested.
The part I was most proud of was my integrated learning because I was conferdent  that it would work well and we had been doing a lot of it lately.
 I hope you liked my blog and student led conference.

writing blog

what is my learning goal ? to write more interesting sentences and work on my paragraphs.

what have I learned ? How to write out a paragraph and what is a good paragraph.

what is my next step ? To learn more and write more paragraphs.

my reading and sml focus term 2 week 2 2017

SML goals
What is my learning goal ? Not to talk on the mat wail the teacher is talking.
What have i learned ? How to consistency work on task and i have learned more spelling words.
What is my next step ? Starting to use linking in my handwriting.

What is my learning goal ? Read harder books and try to get words right now first time.
What have i learned ? How to break down words in to smaller words that can be made by the word
What is my next step ? To calibrate in a team to read harder books and news articles.

reflecting on my learning

I have been learning about multi cultural week.I have learned how to use rakau sticks.I learned about Russia and Israel. did you know that the dead sea can heal people with skin diseases.